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Cable Volume 2 Waiting For The End of The World (Graphic Novel)

USD $ 7.50
USD $ 14.99

The mysterious mutant known as Cable has been many things in life: mercenary, freedom fighter, X-Man. But is he prepared for his new role as surrogate father to mutantkind's future Messiah? After leaping into the future with the child, Cable sought refuge from the traitorous X-Man Lucas Bishop in the hidden city of New Liberty. Assuming the identity of a peaceful farmer, he fell in love with a woman named Hope; they raised the child in peace for four years. But now, an army claiming to be the remnants of a ravaged American government has rounded up the citizens of New Liberty. Cable is the only person capable of fighting back, but he can't reveal his true identity for the sake of the child's safety. Is this the end of New Liberty and Cable's idyllic peace? Collecting CABLE #6-10 and KING-SIZED CABLE. Rated T ...$14.99 ISBN: 978-0-7851-2973-8.