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Deadpool Worlds Greatest Graphic Novel Volume 5 Civil War II

USD $ 17.99

(W) Gerry Duggan (A) Mike Hawthorne, Scott Koblish (CA) Rafael Albuquerque. Deadpool and the Mercs for Money are clearly the best super-group in the Marvel Universe. So naturally when theres a cosmic-level threat, theyll be there. This entire book is all about teamwork and getting along! Oh, no, wait, its CIVIL WAR II heroes falling out is the order of the day! So its a good thing the Mercs all hate their boss and want out! At least Deadpool is popular with everybody who doesnt work for him but how exactly did that happen? Prepare to find out! Then, the former voice inside DPs head known as Madcap makes his return with a mad-on for revenge! It wont be pretty! Plus: In the far-off future, Wades two daughters fight for the right to be Deadpool 2099! Whatever the era, it aint easy being Deadpool! Collecting DEADPOOL (2015) #14-19. Parental Advisory.