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Fcbd 2020 Manhwa Contemporary Korean Comics (Mature) (Drawn & Quarterly)

USD $ 2.00

This sampler features the best of the contemporary Korean Manhwa scene. This FCBD issue spotlights Yeon-sik Hong's family saga Umma's Table, Keum Suk Gendry-Kim's documentary of Korean 'comfort women' Grass, Ancco's story of female friendship Bad Friends, and Yeong-shin Ma's examination of middle-aged women, Moms. The Korean comics industry is rich and diverse and was virtually unexplored in North America until D+Q's release of Yeon-sik Hong's masterful Uncomfortably Happily in 2017, translated by indie cartoonist superstar Hellen Jo. Since then, D+Q has enlisted the services of award-winning translator Janet Hong to become the leading English publisher of Manhwa. Rating: All-Ages.