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Graphic History Hitlers Last Gamble Graphic Novel

USD $ 9.95

by Dan Abnett & Dheeraj Verma
Planned down to the last detail by Hitler himself, the Battle of the Bulge was the last major German attack on the Western Front. On December 16, 1944, 30 German divisions roared through the Ardennes. The battle that ensued nearly proved disastrous for the Allied forces, with some of the harshest fighting conditions of the war. Under-strength, under-equipped and operating in freezing temperatures, the U.S. Army - notably the 101st stationed in Bastogne - fought back, extinguishing German hopes for victory. Featuring first-hand accounts that give the narrative a profoundly human element, this action-packed comic strip provides readers of all ages with a vivid re-creation of the attack, remembered as the biggest and bloodiest single battle ever to be fought by the U.S. Army in World War II..